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"MGM" stands for Michael Galinski Motorradsport. In recent years, it has become a synonym for fast YAMAHA motor cycles. Increasing numbers of race riders and private owners alike place their confidence in Michael Galinski’s many years of tuning and racing experience.

Years ago, Michael was himself a successful rider, winning the German Superbike Championship for YAMAHA Germany in 1986 and becoming the 1989 German Superbike runner-up. In 1998
, he won the World Series in the Sound of Thunder and also came out on top in the Battle of Twins. Michael was active in IDM Supersport and the BMW Boxer Cup up until 2003.

Post-2004, Michael looked after deployment of the YAMAHA Motor Germany team, helping Didier van Keymeulen to victory in the Superstock 1000 Cup and Stefan Nebel to win the IDM Superbike in 2005. He saw another IDM Superbike victory in 2009 with Jörg Teuchert.

On top of his tuning business, Michael also has an excellent reputation as a motorbike test rider, instructor and superfast “race taxi” chauffeur...!

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MGM racing performance
Grasweg 18-22

27607 Langen / Sievern
Deutschland / Germany


Phone +49 4743 277 970
Fax +49 4743 277 971


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MGM racing performance


For Sale: Yamaha R1 kit for 2011 bike

The bike is equipped with a 2011 electronics kit (for an additional cost, the 2012 electronics with TC can also be fitted upon request). 

The engine is built to the 2011 IDM regulations and has a true rear wheel horsepower of approx. 185 HP. 

Handlebars, foot pegs and levers are by Gilles Tooling and the exhaust is Akrapovic Titanium with carbon fibre rear mufflers. The wheels are from PVM, shock absorbers from Öhlins TTX and an Öhlins cartridge and steering damper complete the chassis. 

The fairing is a copy of the factory racer, as is the plenum that opens into the air box. The velocity stacks are made by MGM. 

Included is a generously sized oil cooler ensuring the right heat balance as is a 520 racing chain, light tank cover, Fren Tubo brake lines and much more. 

Our price: 17.000,- EUR

News Block

We are delighted to be able to show you our new web site. 

In the News Block, I intend to keep you up-to-date with our racing activities. Combined with the link to our Facebook page, this should ensure that you always have the latest news. We are very pleased to welcome Gareth Jones, alongside Matej Smrz, as the second rider in the Monster Energy Yamaha Motor Germany team. 

With two mechanics for each rider: Ian and Bodo, Matze and Aggi, a suspension specialist: Bela, two data specialists: Tom and Matze and tyre expert: Nils, not to mention our physiotherapist: Iris, we have the perfect set-up for the coming season.

Our first round of test dates will be on 4-6.03 in Albacete, 11-12.03 in Valencia and 14-15.03 in Aragon.  We will start with the 2012 version of the bikes and then replace them with our new 2013 models on the second or third day of the test.  After that, we will certainly compete in the official Lusatian test before the first race takes place at the same venue.  

I have never looked forward to a new season so much as this year. The regulation that proved to be very well balanced last year will make it more exciting than ever before, particularly given the top-class field of riders.  

With our three sponsors - Yamaha, Monster Energy and Star filling stations, we have remained faithful to our biggest partners. We are also delighted to welcome new partners Enpevita and ERC to the team. I would really like to thank all our partners for without them, racing at this level would simply not be possible.  

Until next time,


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